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Concerned about the resources of our planet,
AVISTEL is committed to an ecological approach.

Eco-design is a preventive and innovative approach that reduces the negative impact of our products on the environment over its entire life cycle (LCA), while retaining its qualities of use.

We recycle all of our WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment thanks to the ECOLOGIC organization.

Sustainable management of waste, whether from electrical and electronic devices or other consumer products, is also a major issue for our societies. Through the recovery, depollution and recovery of WEEE, Ecologic contributes to preserving nature.

AVISTEL has been affiliated since 2013 with the ECOLOGIC organization for the reprocessing and recycling of all of its electrical, electronic and equipment waste.

We take care, from the design of our products, to increase their lifespan, and to reduce, in the long term, their environmental impact.

ECOLOGIC’s activity is based on the pillars of sustainable development:

  • Preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment
  • The search for economic relevance
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