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AVILOCK secure software, hardware and terminal management
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Secure Management
Offer both software and hardware secure terminals.
  • By application filtering
  • By network filtering
  • Against theft
  • Against disturbances
  • Against network interceptions
  • By a specific shell

Secure Software

AVILOCK secures your softwares on site and remotely.

Terminals fleet management

Secure and manage your multimedia fleet via AVILOCK.

Secure Hardware

AVILOCK allows you to prevent theft and deterioration thanks to hardened and secure hardware.

AVILOCK works with all operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android; on devices provided by the establishment or brought by employees.

Encapsulation of websites in applications

Facilitate mobility by presenting your intranet site as an application

Application management

Limit devices to certain applications in the official store, but also the possibility of adding internal applications

Profile management

Create and manage profiles of your users and devices

Data security

Secure your data thanks to encryption from local storage and during application exchanges

On site or cloud

AVILOCK is convenient and may be installed on site or in cloud

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Secure and manage your devices
AVILOCK allows you to simply manage and secure both your software and hardware remotely.

Define your users, devices, applications and rules.

A wide range of solutions

From audit to maintenance, we accompany you throughout the whole process to run the solution that suits your needs.

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