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AVILONE IPTV middleware key features
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IP Solution
AVILONE is an IPTV solution for structures of all sizes.

AVILONE is your gateway to new services: increase your content offering and enhance integration with your other solutions.

TV Management

The system makes it possible to manage the rights of television subscriptions centrally via IP network.

IP Network

Manage your multimedia fleet via your IP network.


Interoperability with billing software allows integration with existing or new IP infrastructure.
User services

AVILONE offers user entertainment and communication services.

Live HD TV

Reception of TV programs in HD and radios in digital

Video On Demand

V.O.D. allows you to offer specific content to users

Time-shift recording

Possibility of recording channels deferred


Define music available to your users, locally or online


Weather forecasts, RSS feeds, games and more

Back-office services

AVILONE allows you to manage your IP network easily with its specific features.

TV packages

Control up to 14 bouquets or up to 79 TV channels

Internal channels

Broadcast of internal channels which can be defined as free channels

Content filtering

Content filtering (-10, -12, -16, -18)

Central Management

Total centralized configuration such as day and night volume and chain plan

Billing system integration

Thanks to web services API, we integrate billing system so you can create pay bundles for users to access premium content that you define

Rights and subscriptions

AVILONE gives you tools to manage rights and subscriptions to your multimedia system

Custom and multilingual interface

Multilingual and fully customisable graphical interface

In the event of a power failure

Possibility to open or close the entire fleet and to broadcast free channels

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IP administration tool
AVILONE back-office is a component only accessible on the application server dedicated to the technical operation of the fleet of IP screens.

Manage your entire multimedia fleet under IP network via the back-office.

A wide range of solutions

From audit to maintenance, we accompany you throughout the whole process to run the solution that suits your needs.

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