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4K France


France was born from the desire of AVISTEL employees to make a sustainable and collective commitment to a CSR approach by creating a company dedicated to the commercial exploitation of multimedia services.

CSR: the contributing company

CSR (corporate social responsibility) is an innovative idea in search of an organizational envelope.

A truly ambitious CSR is quickly squeezed into current legal structures.

It is therefore necessary to make them evolve, thus responding to the objective of reflections launched on the purposes of the business. But beyond a legal grooming, we must accept the risk of a real transformation, by taking an interest in professional relations, management and governance.

To give substance to this ambition, a new organizational model is emerging: the contributory enterprise.

Our collective enterprise

Our collective enterprise, 4K France, is concerned with the preservation and renewal of resources: human, natural, material, financial and so on.

It incorporates into its statutes the contribution it wishes to make to economic, social, societal and environmental issues.

It solicits and encourages the contribution, involvement, participation and initiatives of its employees.

It mobilizes a social dialogue bringing real progress.

It adopts shared and modern modes of governance, which make it possible to associate the representatives of shareholders and employees with management bodies (board of directors) and representatives of other stakeholders with stakeholder committee.

Concrete measures

Through 4K France we offer concrete measures to better organize professional dialogue, strengthen company negotiation, promote responsible management, increase and professionalize the presence of employee directors in governance bodies, encourage the establishment of committees of parties stakeholders, develop shared diagnoses.

It is a question of intervening in consistency on each of the three levels of autonomy at work available to employees to participate and take initiatives: the task -the definition of the activities they have to perform-; cooperation -the organizational environment of the work group in which they operate- and governance.

A real difference

These three levels of autonomy involve three types of dialogue: professional dialogue (task), social dialogue (cooperation) and decision-making dialogue (governance). Businesses today often manage each of these deliberative processes by virtually isolating them from each other.

logo 4K France

For and by AVISTEL employees


France, initially created by its CEO, Mr. Marc Germain, for digital applications related to cosmetic products, was a dormant company. We AVISTEL employees wanted to acquire shares and modify its corporate purpose and statutes, to make it a multimedia services operating company, as part of a CSR approach.


AVISTEL employees, wanted a new organizational framework allowing to adapt the governance of the company to today’s societal, environmental and ethical challenges, to develop responsible management approaches and to better articulate professional dialogue, social dialogue and strategic management: together, we have chosen to be shareholders in a collective enterprise: 4K France.

4K France, the contributory company that we look forward to, will instead try to articulate them together in an inclusive approach to social regulation.

– AVISTEL employees